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Rachel Hobson

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Research and Business Development Manager

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Research and Business Development with Industry

With the Department's internationally distinguished record in Materials Science and Metallurgy, it is no surprise that we work with some of the best materials companies in the world, helping them to further their understanding of their materials technology and develop leading-edge products. We have also created a number of successful spin-out companies turning inventions and discoveries into commercial reality.

We would like to hear from companies who would like to explore opportunities to support our research. We are happy to host tailored visits to the department during which we can explore the many priorities for fruitful interaction, including:

Research Collaborations

Sponsorship of a research project close to a company's technical interests and under the direction of a particular academic can bring immense benefit to a company. The sponsorship includes the support of highly motivated and excellent post graduate researchers for periods of 2-5 years in length.

Corporate University Technology Centres (UTCs)

The Department has a number these industrially funded research centres, typically staffed by 6 to 25 researchers. These allow companies to stimulate interactive research within the technical and collaborative environment of the Department. From these centres it is possible for companies to harness excellent research facilities for their own strategic research and to leverage public funding in a specific area of research.


The Department is always pleased to hear from companies who will provide support for students on specific projects.

Tailored courses / Brainstorming sessions

Our strength as a department includes our quality of teaching, as well as our research, and we can design specific short courses, or seminar days to suit a company's specific needs or arrange for a group of academics to spend time with your people brainstorming around a specific theme.


Have you a specific problem which you need to solve? Please enquire and we will help you find a suitable consultant to help you solve your problem. We also offer a range of analytical services including X-ray, polymer / thermal characterization, TEM and SEM microscopy and mechanical testing.

For further information on sponsorship and any of the above please contact me.